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From Bland to Beautiful: Revitalize Your Home with a Fresh Interior Painting Color Scheme

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It’s good to know the rules when it comes to decorating, but breaking them is OK. Accent walls, often referred to as feature walls, are a terrific opportunity to establish a theme for your room or try out more daring décor pieces.

Thus, the following is the guideline for utilizing accent colors: Consider 60/30/10. The primary color should occupy 60% of your space, the primary accent color should occupy 30%, and the secondary accent color should occupy the remaining 10%. However, you are welcome to experiment with the ratios as you see fit. Now that you have a guideline, how do you go about choosing a color scheme, accent colors, and everything else? You may base it on a fabric that will be used for upholstery, toss cushions, or curtains in the space. You can choose colors from an image, poster, or painting that you like. You may even draw inspiration from a beloved piece of apparel. A single wall in a room painted a different color from the others is called an accent wall. 

How Can One Select A Room’s Accent Color?

A room’s accent color selection should take a few factors into account. Before choosing an accent color, consider how the room’s current interior color scheme could complement it. The general design of the space and the mood you like to convey should also be taken into account.

The colors that are already present in the space should be taken into account when selecting an accent color. Make a statement by selecting a striking accent hue, for instance, if the majority of your space is neutral. Alternatively, you could want to go with a more muted accent color if your space is already rather vivid.

After taking into account each of these aspects, it’s time to begin experimenting with accent colors! Examining fabric samples or paint swatches is a wonderful place to start. This will assist you in gaining an understanding of the many shades and tones of every color.

Selecting The Right Accent Colors

Because accent walls provide homeowners with more creative and color options, they are a popular choice for interior painting. You have an infinite number of paint selections to select from. Selecting the ideal paint color and qualified painter is crucial.  Your accent wall ought to be as distinctive as your house.

Make good use of color. An accent wall painted in a cool color, such as blue or green, might help a particularly short wall appear longer. As an alternative, interior painting an accent wall with a warm color like red, orange, or yellow will help a long wall appear more balanced.

Selecting a striking hue for your accent wall shouldn’t be a source of fear. A common misconception is that one must select a color that contrasts minimally with the remaining colors on the wall. You may go as dramatic as you like as long as the accent paint color coordinates with your decor and other room accessories.

Your accent wall doesn’t have to be painted in just one color. When painting, you can experiment with different forms such as chevrons and stripes. You can use many colors or a painting on your accent wall.

Keep in mind that there are other factors to take into account besides wall color when selecting and designing your accent wall. Consider the images, pieces of art, and other accents you might like to add to the wall and the space in front of it.

An accent wall may still be useful even if you wish to maintain a neutral aesthetic in your space.  Think about employing a tan or brown as your accent hue when working with neutral color palettes.

Make sure the colors and patterns on your accent wall, whether it be a mural or wallpaper, complement the rest of your decor.

How Can My Home Include Accent Colors?

Making a color plan for every space in your home is a fantastic way to include accent colors. This might assist you in giving each place a unified style. For instance, you could wish to design your bedroom with colder hues and your living room with warmer ones.

Ways To Use Accent To Enhance A Neutral Color Scheme

  • Do you want to give your room a pop of baby blue or tangerine? Accent pillows are available in an array of vivid patterns and solid hues. 
  • Throw blankets are a playful way to add color to bedrooms and living areas. 
  • Either go with a single hue or a decorative pattern like herringbone, chevrons, stripes, or circles. 
  • Choose between basic and traditional or quirky and bold with a range of vibrant wall decals, stencils, and wallpaper. 
  • You have two options for updating your furniture: either buy new items or paint or reupholster old chairs or stools. 
  • Incorporate foliage to add some color and embrace sustainability in your decorating.