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When is it Too Cold to Paint Inside

When is it Too Cold to Paint Inside

Once in a while, we all love to paint our homes on our own. Not necessarily the whole of it but just one room, or maybe a single wall. 

You might like the satisfaction of using that paint-filled brush to apply strokes of paint in whatever way you want. Or you love to be creative and put your ideas on the wall. Or maybe you are just one of those people who love the smell of it and want an excuse. 

Whatever the reason is, this simple-looking task can go wrong in many ways. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips that will help you no matter what experience level you have with house interior painting

Also, we will touch on one of the least discussed topics which is the ideal temperature. And will find out when is it too cold to paint inside. So, without further ado, let’s start with our DIY guide and tips. 

When is it Too Cold to Paint Inside? – 6 Key Steps

Prepare your design first.

Designing is the first step in starting your DIY project. Professionals are already aware of the latest trends and the best-looking combinations. But you will have to do some research.

Search for the latest designs. Make sure that you don’t just search for the top 10 designs. Search according to your taste. If you want an elegant look, then sleek and minimalistic designs will work for you.

If you want a luxurious design, you can look for antiques, modern, or other extravagant designs that are famous.

You can also try some online tools that allow you to virtually visualize the design and color combination that you have in mind. There are even applications that allow you to upload your room picture and then play with different colors and textures online.  

Choose the colors and brands

Once you have decided on the design, it’s time to choose the colors and the brand. Most of your colors will be in your design. If you want to add a new color, make sure that it fits well.  

You will find multiple brands offering the same colors in the market. Not all of them are good. Some of them will not provide the exact shade and color that they promise. It can ruin the whole project.

Look for online reviews and make sure you buy the one with the best ratings. You will find people who have uploaded the actual results that the paint delivers once applied to a wall.

You can also check any online videos to see if there are any product reviews for the paints of a particular brand.

Calculate how much paint is needed

Once you decide which brand is best for you, it’s time to decide how much of that paint you will require. You can get help from online tools again. You will find plenty of paint calculators online. 

If you are planning to paint on an already painted wall, then you will have to buy a primer too. It’s a precoat that is used to diminish the previous design. It helps the new design to be more prominent. 

Get the right equipment

Make sure that you have the right size of brushes. If you are just painting a plain wall then you will probably need one or two average-sized brushes. If there is some detailing task, then you will require small detailing brushes. 

Also, get safety equipment like goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. If you have any respiratory issues, then it’s advised to also buy specialized masks.

Clean the walls

Make sure that you clean the walls properly before starting the painting. Look for any loose paint that is on the wall. If you apply a new paint on a previously loose coat, it will not last. 

You will have to remove the loosened paint with the help of specialized scrubbers that are easily available in paint shops. This process can create a lot of dust, thus it’s necessary to wear masks and goggles. 

If the previous paint is intact, you can simply use a wet towel or a piece of cloth to clean the surface. This will remove any dirt and dust and will help the new paint to stick on the surface. 

Use tapes where necessary

For professional looks, you can use tapes in your painting. You can use it where two paints are joined. Place the tape and paint carefully on the edges. Once you remove the tape, you will be left with a perfectly strength line of paint. 

There are other designed tapes available in the market that you can use to create beautiful designs. 

What’s the best temperature to paint inside your home?

You can paint in winter and in summer as long as the temperatures don’t touch the extremes. The ideal temperature to paint the interiors is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Painting at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below is just too cold. It will take longer than average for the paint to dry. This also results in lower-quality paint and does not provide the best looks. 


These are some of the most basic painting steps and tips that you should keep in mind during a painting project. These are especially important if it’s your first time performing a DIY. Start with a small area and once you feel confident, you can paint the complete area. Once, painted, allow the paint to dry before moving in your belongings.

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