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Fresh Colors That Will Give Your Home A New Look & Feel

interior paint colors for home makeover

Once in your lifetime, you must have entered a room that has immediately lifted up your mood. On the contrary, you also have experienced entering a room that feels cramped, gushy, and suffocating. So, what’s the difference between both of them if they have similar covering square foot area? It is the magic of colors. For a long time, psychologists, artists, and designers have emphasized the importance of colors and their effect on the human mind. The paint color that you’ve done in a room can make people excited, frazzled, or calm. So, what is this maze of paints and colors, and how you can use fresh colors that will give your home a new look and feel? Keep reading to find out the secrets that specific colors hide.

Find Your Perfect Color Pallet With This Checklist

Before we hop on to different color combinations, it is important to realize what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Here is a checklist that will let you get out of the creative block and get into your creative zones. Also, you can get painting services in Cedar Burg, WI.

Consider the Mood Board

If color is all about how you feel then considering your mood should be the first and foremost duty. Ask yourself what you want. Do you want to feel energized? Do you want a space that feels serene, cheerful, and calming? Or do you want to bring in light your artistic side and play boldly with some colors? Once the mood board is made, it will be easier for you to find the right color.

Consider Room’s Natural Settings

A room’s natural settings play a significant role in shaping how the color looks in your room. If the natural light entering your room is low, a bold color will tone down the vibe of your home. Similarly, light colors don’t particularly suit rooms with ample light.

Consider the Room’s Decor

Just like the natural light, the interior decor also plays a key part in uplifting your room’s paint color. Consider your furniture, artwork, and rugs before choosing interior paint colors for home makeover.

Absolute Best Colors to Paint Your Home for A New Look

Natural Earthy Color Tones

In 2024, a major shift towards earthy tones with natural colors has been observed. People are more into these nature-inspired colors to get the feeling of being close to Mother Earth. These color schemes include all the warm and beige colors like brown, caramel, and beige. Such colors give your space an inviting look. It is best suited to add these colors to your living rooms.

Peachy Pink Tones

Everyone likes a little whimsical and a little playful colors. If you’re someone whose personality is fanciful then going for peachy and pink tones won’t be a bad idea. These light colors go perfectly with rooms that invite a lot of natural light as these colors can make such rooms feel more airy. You can also add a vintage vibe by decorating your cabinets and furniture likewise.

Bold & Vibrant Tones

For anyone who thinks adventure is fun, bold and vibrant colors are waiting for you. Nowadays, people are getting more and more vocal about their personality, their likes, dislikes and adding a truer impression on the world. Well, if you think that you fit right into this description then embrace the bold colors. Warm red, dark blue, grass green, and teal, these colors are making a comeback.  Painting these colors in your TV lounge or dining room will instantly improve the vibe of your home.

Soft Feminine Tones

What do you think about a soft yellow color? Or about minty green? Or does lavender intrigue you? If upon imagining these colors in your home a picture-perfect home has been imprinted in your mind then these soft colors are made just for you. Give your feminine energy a perfect opportunity to splash the colors all over your home. Such soft and light colors look stellar when paired up with complimentary curtains and decor.

Take A Step in Color Theory to Get More Out of Your Home

Have you ever talked to an interior designer who designs fabulous homes with interior painting services? They must have let you know about the color theory. Rule of three; as per this theory, you must use three colors, a dominant color, a secondary color, and lastly an accent color. This ancient tip can make any room look better and prettier. Keep on reading to find out about schemes for interior paint colors for home makeover.

Complementary Color Schemes

The colors that complement each other goes absolutely well together. Complementary colors are directly across each other in color wheel. For instance blue looks good when paired up with orange. You must be careful as making these color intense can make a bigger problem. So, bring your color wheel and pop some legendary colors on your wall.

Triad Color Schemes

This is a classic scheme which gives your space a more classic and natural look. Three colors of your choice are placed equally spaced from each other giving a classical and contemporary look.

Monochromatic Colors

Do you want a minimalistic and simple vibes in your home? Monochromatic scheme has fresh colors that will give your home a new look and feel. Choose color from the same family but make them vary in terms of shades. A darker shade combined with a light one. 

Concluding Your Colorful Journey

Painting colors is a fun activity to do. Don’t restrain yourself from experimenting with new colors. With a little inspiration and motivation, start by choosing the perfect color palette for your home. New and fresh colors will automatically bring out the best in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step forward and begin your journey of colors and paints.